What is MyMoneyPicture?
MyMoneyPicture (MMP) is an online application that helps you track and analyze expenses, monitor account balances, and compare actual spending to your budget. It is free and simple to use. MMP does not need access to your financial accounts because spending is entered manually to increase both security and awareness.
Is MyMoneyPicture REALLY Free? How do you make money?
Yes, MyMoneyPicture is really free. In the future we may develop premium content that has a charge, but at this point the entire site is free.
Do you sell my information or email address to anyone?
No. In the future, we may consider partnering with other companies to offer special services or deals to users of MyMoneyPicture. If we do offer this, you will be able to opt out.
Do you store cookies on my computer?
We use Google Analytics, which helps us understand how to make the site better, and Google uses cookie(s). We also use a temporary cookie when you are logged in which is necessary for us to make sure that you and only you see the data you have entered into MyMoneyPicture.
Is my information safe?
This site uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). All communications between your browser and our website are encrypted. HTTPS is often used to protect highly confidential online transactions like online banking and online shopping order forms.

We have also taken other security precautions, such as encrypting some information in the database and requiring recaptcha when registering and after several unsuccessful log in attempts.

Also remember, MyMoneyPicture does not ask for or store any login information to your financial accounts, nor any account numbers. Having said that, there are precautions you can take as well. We recommend naming your accounts more generically, like "Checking" instead of "Chase Checking", or "Visa" instead of "Citibank Visa".
Why do I need to input information on my account balances?
Many people will have goals to pay down credit cards or increase savings. MyMoneyPicture makes tracking progress towards those goals easy. We feel this is essential to understand your total financial picture. However, you can choose to track all spending as if it were paid in cash and not use the accounts functionality.
Do you display ads?
No we don't. We feel strongly that displaying ads goes against the spirit of what MyMoneyPicture is trying to accomplish. Our intention is to help people reduce spending, not encourage more spending.
Is this site charity out of the goodness of your hearts?
No. Suzanne created MyMoneyPicture after being unable to find an existing online financial application that fit her needs. Both Suzanne and Brett use MMP on a daily basis to aid in their finances. They are working together to develop premium content.
Why don't you offer automatic transfer of information from my financial accounts?
Quite frankly, we don't think that it's prudent to give anyone access to your financial accounts. We do not ask for, nor do we want access to your financial accounts.

Also, if spending is entered manually, it increases awareness and ensures all spending is correctly categorized according to the custom categories you create.
Will you offer uploading a .csv file from my bank?
Possibly in the future. If you would like that option, please let us know, and we may begin development of that feature. But again, if spending is entered manually, it increases awareness and ensures all spending is correctly categorized. Based on our experience, manually entering expenses will take less than 5 minutes day.
Do you have an Apple app?
Not at this time, however you can access MyMoneyPicture from any web browser on your phone or tablet. Smaller, low-resolution screens will display the mobile version of the site designed to quickly enter expenses and check account balances.
Does MyMoneyPicture work?
Tracking spending is recommended by many financial advisors as well as Debtors Anonymous because it works.

When you first begin to use MyMoneyPicture, there will most likely be some low-hanging fruit. Some things will immediately jump out at you once you see the numbers in black and white. Over the months you will constantly refine your behavior to be more in line with your goals.

MyMoneyPicture will also make you more aware of each cent you spend. The Budget page compares the last 13 months of spending to your budget, and all spending over your budgeted amounts will appear in red. Spending within your budget will be shown in green. This provides added incentive to stay within your budget.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

with just an email address.